What You’re Doing Wrong in Your Sales Demo Video & How to Fix It

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Offering a sales demo video is an excellent way to streamline your sales process and get more done with a smaller team. However, you need to make sure that your sales demo video is on point if it’s going to result in closed deals! 

Unless your sales demos videos are captivating and engaging, there’s a risk of losing your prospect’s attention. 

In this guide, we’ll break down some of the most common sales demo video mistakes, and discuss how to avoid them.

What is a Sales Demo Video?

A sales demo video is used during the early stages of the sales cycle, where it provides an overview of how your product works. Prospects watch your sales demo videos to gain a general understanding of your product. These videos help them to see your software in action. 

Unlike a live sales demo environment, a sales demo video is not personalized to each prospect. There is also less room for creating rapport with the client. If the client has questions during the demo, you won’t be present to answer them. 

This is why it’s best to use a sales demo video as well as perform live sales demos. 

Sales demo videos are generally shown to prospects when their initial interest in your product is expressed. In many cases, these demos replace discovery calls. Once the prospect has seen the sales demo video and feels like the solution is a good fit for them, they can schedule a live demo to ask questions and get a more personalized experience of the product.

While instructional sales demo videos won’t necessarily close as many deals as personalized live demos, they can play a valuable role in saving time and making the sales process more efficient. 

Common Sales Demo Video Mistakes and Solutions

Delivering an engaging sales demo video is essential if you want the prospect to take the next step. However, this can be tricky when you’re not personalizing the demo to match the prospect’s specific requirements. 

To help you create a stronger sales demo video, here are some common sales demo video mistakes and how you can fix them. 

  1. Only Focusing On Features

One of the most common mistakes people make in their sales demo videos is focusing too heavily on features. 

A sales demo video provides a more high-level overview of your product, and you can’t customize it to individual use cases. However, it’s still important that you don’t just make your demo video a harbor tour.

How to Fix This

Always mention common customer pain points when introducing your product features. Explain how these features can add value to the user. It doesn’t matter if the sales demo video is very general, you can still highlight common benefits, like saving time or enhancing efficiency in certain processes. 

It is also a good idea to tell a story in your demo video. You can make up a business and use case of your product and show how the features work for this use case. Even though this may not match every prospect’s specific case, it will help them get a better understanding of how your product works and performs. 

  1. Creating a Tutorial Video

Even though you’re creating a video that shows off your product’s features and how it works, it’s important to remember the difference between a sales demo video and a tutorial video. 

Your sales demo video should show prospects how they can use your product, but it doesn’t need to go into detail on every step involved in the process. 

Tutorial videos will go further into detail on how the product works, offering the step-by-step processes of using the product.

If you go into too much detail on the inner workings of the product, you might lose the prospect’s interest before you can show them all of the benefits that the product offers. 

How to Fix This

Instead, give a general overview of what your product can do and what it can help people achieve. But, remember to focus on benefits and value over features.  

  1. Not Showing the Product in Action

Avoiding a tutorial video doesn’t mean your sales demo video shouldn’t show how your product works. It’s still essential that you display your product in action, performing tasks. 

The great thing about a sales demo video is that you don’t have to worry about any technical difficulties that you might face in a live demo environment. This means you can provide a slick showcase of your product in action. 

How to Fix This

Avoid only showing animations or providing a broad explanation of what your product does. Show actual screen recordings of the platform working in real-time. Balance is key! 

  1. Not Including a Clear CTA

Your sales demo video will only succeed if it encourages prospects to take the next step. You’ll need a compelling call to action (CTA) at the end of your demo video to do this. 

How to Fix This

Always end the demo video by outlining the next step. This might be to schedule a live, personalized demo. You can also direct the prospect to a free trial of the product. Whatever the case, make sure you emphasize the next step and make it clear what the prospect needs to do. 

  1. Relying On Your Sales Demo Video Only

Sales demo videos are great for helping you save time and operate more efficiently. However, a sales demo video alone often isn’t enough to drive a purchase decision. 

How to Fix This

It’s best to send prospects your sales demo video, and then follow up with them for a personalized sales demo call. Here, you can answer their questions. 

Prospects who have watched a demo video will already have an understanding of what you’re offering and how your product works. So, you can use a live call to personalize your demo. Using a sales demo software tool like Saleo will help to make this process more effective. 

Use your sales demo video to provide a broad overview and get the prospect excited about your solution. Then, offer a live sales demo to close the deal.

  1. Not Utilizing the Extra Time

The main benefit of offering a sales demo video is that it helps you save time. With a sales demo video, you spend much less time pitching your product to the wrong people. Instead, you can simply send out the video, and anyone who continues the sales process after watching it will likely be a good fit for your product. 

How to Fix This

Using a demo video to save time should mean you use the extra time to reach out to more prospects. So, use your sales demo video to help you get more sales legwork done. 


A good sales demo video can do wonders for your sales process. Ensure that it reflects the value of your product and displays your product in action. With an engaging demo video, you can streamline your sales process and get more qualified, interested leads onto demo calls.

Try not to rely on your demo video alone, and make sure you use the right sales demo tools to help you deliver a high-quality, personalized demo as well. Get this right, and it should help you close more deals

If you’re looking for an efficient, user-friendly sales demo platform, consider Saleo. Why not request a demo today

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