Ultimate Guide to Product Demonstrations (Incl. Tips & Benefits for SaaS Sales Teams)

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When it comes to a memorable sales pitch, great product demonstrations are the way to go. 

A demonstration of your product is a fantastic way to show prospects what exactly you have to offer, and how your product can benefit them. 

For SaaS sales teams, highly personalized product demos can lead to higher conversion rates. What’s not to love? 

Let’s highlight the benefits of product demonstrations and discuss some top tips for sales product demonstrations. 

Benefits of Product Demonstrations

Engage Clients

Sending a potential client a basic sales outline of your product may have its benefits, but does not adequately allow them to interact with the product. This way, they won’t be able to see how it works for them. 

With product demonstrations, clients can engage with your product to experience the benefits for themselves. They can see just how simple and comprehensive your software is to navigate. 

Keeping clients engaged and involved is imperative in the sales process, and sales demonstrations can be very captivating. 

Enable Visualization

Seeing a product on paper is informative. However, clients shouldn’t need to use their imagination to figure out how your product will meet their needs. 

With a product demonstration, clients can physically see how your product works, and more importantly, how it fits into their business needs. Understanding how the product will work for them specifically will make it clear that your product is worth investing in. 

Highlight Features

Your product offers key benefits, many features and elements make up the final product. 

You cannot demonstrate every single feature without the presentation being too long. But, a product demonstration allows you to showcase the top highlights of your product. 

You can tailor demos to focus on the elements most relevant to each client. This keeps the demonstration on track. It also allows each demo to touch on the top benefits that clients can expect from your product.

Address Challenges 

Prospects will be looking into your product as a solution to a challenge, problem, or gap in their own business. With a product demonstration, you can show prospects how your product addresses the challenges they face. 

Product demos can be customized to showcase how your product fills the gaps the client may have. This helps clients visualize the benefits of your software! 

Boost Conversion Rates

If your sales numbers need a boost, it is generally time to shake up your demo approach. Product demos allow you to create captivating presentations to pitch your software products! 

An engaging product demonstration allows clients to understand the stand-out features of your product, and clearly see how your software can be a solution to their business challenges. 

This can ultimately improve your win rates and bring in more revenue! 

Product Demonstrations: Our Top Tips

Introduce Product

Before you jump into showcasing your product, you do need to introduce it to the client first. 

This introduction should include a simple summary of what they can expect from the product. You can briefly mention how your company started, and how the idea for your product came about. 

You can even add a quick agenda of what they can expect from the demo. 

Research Client

Before you do a product demonstration, the most important step is to carry out extensive research on the prospect. 

This allows you to customize your demo accordingly. Include some basic details about the client to add a personal touch to the demo. For example, when showcasing your product’s main features, apply the benefits to an area the prospect is familiar with and faces challenges in. 

You can also include statistics about their performance and successes. This will show the client that your product can improve their business and that you’ve paid attention to their industry and operations. 

Incorporate Challenges 

A potential client will inevitably have gaps in their business operations. 

Can your product expose them to more clients, make their communications more efficient, or streamline their day-to-day operations? Your sales demo should highlight how your product can address these. 

Do research beforehand to identify business or industry challenges. In your demo, highlight the features of your product that can directly provide a solution. 

Personalize Content

Prospects respond well to personalized product demonstrations. These show clients that your company has paid attention to their needs, which bodes well for any customer service and support that you offer. 

In addition to highlighting how your product serves prospect problem areas, you can also add details throughout the presentation that reference their business. This can be something as small as using their logo, or it can be more direct by incorporating content or statistics from their business. 

Keep It Easy

A product demonstration should not be overly complicated, as it should show the client how easy your product is to use. If it is too complex, it can lead to confusion and loss of engagement. This can negatively impact your sales. 

Make sure that your sales team understands your product well enough to be able to explain it simply. 

Allow Feedback

You need an introduction to start the demo. But, you also need to wrap it up neatly, and allow time for questions and feedback on the presentation.

If your demo is live, you can accommodate this space by simply introducing it and answering questions as they come. If your demo is pre-recorded, then you can ask for feedback and respond to questions via email. 

Final Thoughts

Product demonstrations are tried and tested as one of the best ways to showcase software products to prospects. 

It’s important to create an engaging, captivating demo. To do this, you can use a live demo platform.

One of the best available is Saleo. This platform can help you to optimize your product demonstrations with easy-to-use software. 

Request a demo today for more information about how we can help with your sales conversion rates. 

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