Saleo Announces $13M Series A

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I am excited to share that we have closed our $13M Series A round, led by Emergence Capital with participation from Tech Square Ventures.  This is an invigorating time for the company and further validates our approach in creating the first and only live demo experience platform.  A heartfelt thank you to our existing investors, customers, and Saleo family who have helped us achieve this early success. 

How it began

In early 2021 we began crafting the vision of how to solve an immensely difficult problem in software sales – one that I have felt personally across 5 different companies and 18 years in SaaS.  The vision was clear- how could we create new technology that delivers a data-complete, personalized and incredibly relevant demo that can harness the live, authentic, SaaS product?  We knew that if we solved these difficult challenges, and developed a scalable solution that worked on any software product, that we could transform the GTM motion, elevate the pre-sales profession, and provide tangible impact to deal win rates and velocity for sales teams.  

Fast forward two years, and we’ve solved those deeply felt challenges in the market and have experienced 900% YoY growth with an incredible customer base that represents some of the biggest brands in SaaS.

Unique technology; tangible results

Saleo’s AI modeling engine is the first and only of its kind and enables pre-sales teams (and AE’s) to utilize their existing live demo environment (not a screenshot or clone) which is transformed when Saleo is activated – providing amazing demos, that are data complete, and with full control to adjust and personalize their live product in real-time.  Graphs, tables, analytics, text and images are all adjustable by the sales team.  This all happens without any product or engineering help from our customers.

Saleo-powered demos have proven to be dramatically more effective than the status quo, reducing demo prep time by 90%+, increasing pre-sales NPS 2x, and boosting deal win rates by 74% on average. Before implementing Saleo, sales engineers at customer companies were spending hours, sometimes weeks, on demo maintenance and preparation – a figure that went to zero for many customers with Saleo. These efficiency gains couldn’t be more vital in an economic atmosphere that has hit SaaS revenue hard.

“With Saleo, we’ve reduced our weekly demo maintenance time by 100%,” said Ryan Splain, Principal Demo Solutions Engineer at Salesloft. “NPS for our global presales team jumped from 4.5 to 9/10, and the Salesloft product has never looked more relevant, data complete, or valuable – something we couldn’t have done without Saleo.”

Our Partners

We could not have hand-picked a better partner in Emergence; a marquee firm backing world-changing companies (Zoom, Salesforce, G2, Yammer, Salesloft and Box to name a few) and we are honored to be a part of their portfolio.  Here’s a few words from Joe Floyd at Emergence Capital:

“This team has invested an incredible amount of time engineering something extremely complex and difficult to achieve, while making it simple and accessible for users,” said Joe Floyd, General Partner at Emergence Capital, who led the deal for the firm. “As a result, each of Saleo’s customers can harness the power of personalized live demos that are always current and tailored. This technical advantage gives Saleo a huge head start, and already positions it as a leader in the demo automation category.”

What’s Next

We continue to double down on our mission of building a lasting company filled with exceptional people, that are customer-obsessed and maniacally focused on driving maximum value for our customers.  We love the pre-sales profession and we love what Salesloft and Outreach did for the SDR / BDR profession within the Sales Engagement (SEP) category – together they elevated the inside sales community and we take inspiration from them both.

We plan to use this new round of funding to accelerate our product and engineering output, build up our go-to-market organization, and expand our customer experience teams.

It’s a special time at Saleo and we look ahead to great things!  If you’re passionate about our mission and are full of grit, Join our team!

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