How To Deliver Hands-On Sales Demos That Convert

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Hands-on sales demos can make all the difference when it comes to your conversion rate. These demos show prospective customers how their business can benefit from your software. 

So, what determines whether your sales demo will succeed or fail? They need to be engaging, highly personalized, and more. 

We compiled these top tips for how to deliver hands-on sales demos that convert. If you’re looking to elevate your demos, this article is for you! 

Hands-On Sales Demos: 7 Top Tips

Creating engaging sales demos is a skill, but it doesn’t need to be hard! 

If you put in the time and effort to understand your prospects and what they need, make sure you know your product, and plan out your demo, you’re already a step ahead of the crowd. 

Read on for our best tips on creating a hands-on sales demo. 

  1. Research Your Prospective Client

Get to know the prospects that you, or your sales team, will be pitching to. What industry are they in? What do they need your software for? Are they in a niche sector that has special requirements? 

You can learn all you need to know in two ways. Firstly, from the client. Ask a few questions when confirming the demo. You can also pick up information from their online presence, such as their business website, LinkedIn page, and any social media accounts.

This will give you the crucial knowledge you need to plan your sales demo pitch.

  1. Tell A Story With Your Demo Script

Every sales demo should tell a story. Remember, you’re doing more than just introducing your product. You’re telling the prospect why it’s the answer to their problems. 

Make sure you develop a script for hands-on sales demos. Add in anecdotes, if you can! Include the background of your product’s development. 

How is it meeting client needs? What sets it apart from other products on the market? 

Make sure that your script is relevant to the prospect. Otherwise, your demo will make them lose interest quickly. When you set the scene, your client should immediately understand how their business can benefit from your product.

  1. Personalize Your Demo Environment

To make the demo captivating and engaging, make sure to personalize the sales demo environment. When you personalize your sales demos, they speak more directly to the prospect. 

It’s not enough to describe how great your product is in general, or how popular it is. The client needs to know that it will be a good fit for them.  

There are many ways that you can personalize each presentation, and turn them into powerful hands-on sales demos. Use the prospect’s business information, and tackle a problem they’re experiencing in their business in the demo. Use this to show them how your software can be a solution to their business. 

This will allow the client to see how your product will work for them

Make sure to ask the prospect if they have any questions during the pitch. This is a great way to keep them engaged throughout the demo. 

  1. Be Prepared And Confident 

So, what impresses clients the most? Confidence. Sales reps who are well-trained and well-prepared are more likely to deliver hands-on sales demos that convert. 

Make sure that before live sales demos, all of your ducks are in a row. Is your internet connection stable, and have you run through your presentation? Do you have information on pricing, additional features, and special offers? 

  1. Solve Their Problems

Prove you understand the prospect’s wants and needs while demonstrating the product. Highlight features they specifically asked about, or would find beneficial. 

This will show clients that their needs matter to you and that your products can solve their problems. Speak directly to their needs, and you’ll make that sale!

  1. Benefits, Not Finance

This is an important tip in creating killer B2B software demo strategies. Price may be a deciding factor for your prospect. But, it’s an obstacle that can be overcome. 

Make sure to explain the benefits and value of your software as the focal point of your demo. While price is important, it shouldn’t be focused on. If that is the prospect’s main or only objection, explain the extra value they’re getting, or the innovative features your competitors don’t offer. 

Always show that prospects will get the best possible deal or great value for money.

  1. Demo Follow Up 

Your prospect may not take the bait right away, and that’s okay! They may need time to think about it. 

Keep the lead hot by following up with them after a sales demo. Follow-up is critical to your success

Ask prospects if they need more information or would like a follow-up demo. Most importantly, if they have concerns about the product experience or delivery, address them as soon as possible. Your honesty and transparency will speak to any potential fears.

Final Thoughts

Hands-on sales demos help prospects understand how your software can benefit their business. To accurately show this, you’ll need to create captivating and personalized sales demos. 

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to hit the nail on the head each time. Remember to keep sales demos personalized and engaging to each prospect. 

A great sales demo can improve your conversion rate. To take your sales demos to new heights, consider making use of Saleo. In fact, why not request a demo today?

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