Clari + Saleo: Streamlining Demo Prep, Boosting Sales Confidence, and Eliminating the Product “Demo Tax”

Engineering team productivity boost: +0.5 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) per quarter

Reduced demo dashboard creation time from 15 hours to just 1 hour

Cut sales demo enablement time by 50%, from 3-6 months to under 3 months

800+ company size

Challenge: Could not properly show product intricacies in demos

Action Tip: Live demos means no limitations

Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari


Clari, a leader in revenue operations and forecasting solutions, faced the challenge of delivering impactful and efficient sales demos to showcase their powerful platform. Their product, which relies heavily on data, required a demo solution that could handle the intricacies of their offering while providing a seamless and engaging experience for potential customers. In search of a solution, Clari turned to Saleo, a revolutionary sales demo platform, to transform their demo approach and unlock new levels of success.


The Challenge: Overcoming Demo Complexity and Inefficiencies

Given the data-comprehensive nature of Clari’s product, showcasing its capabilities required a deep understanding of data, metrics, and forecasting methods. This presented unique challenges when creating sales demos, which were time-consuming and dependent on engineering resources to build and maintain. 

Brian Cody, VP of Sales Engineering at Clari, recognized the need for a more efficient and effective way to showcase their product’s full potential.


We were spending a significant amount of engineering time and resources just to maintain our demo environments. It amounted to the equivalent of a part-time engineering employee each quarter. It was a constant battle to keep the data fresh and relevant for each demo.

Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari


Moreover, the demo environment had restricted areas that sales engineers couldn’t access, limiting their ability to showcase the full extent of Clari’s capabilities


There were a lot of places where we couldn’t click. We often felt limited in what we could show prospects.

Alex Portman

Lead Sales Engineer, Clari


This lack of flexibility made it difficult for the team to adapt to the unique needs and questions of each prospect, which often led to a disjointed demo experience.


The Solution: Saleo’s Real-Time Data Injection – Go Off Script and Demo with Confidence

Clari recognized the need for a demo solution, one that could handle the intricacies of their product while providing a live, authentic experience. After evaluating various options, Clari chose to partner with Saleo for its unique ability to inject real-time data into their live product. This capability ensures that anything functioning in the actual product also operates seamlessly in the demo.

With Saleo, we have the confidence to go off-script during demos without worrying about errors or inconsistencies. It has transformed the way we engage with prospects.

Alex Portman

Lead Sales Engineer, Clari


Saleo’s platform also empowered Clari’s sales team to deliver demos with more confidence.


Saleo has been a game-changer for us. The ability to inject and manipulate live data within our demo environment has given our sales team the confidence and flexibility they need to deliver impactful demos.

Jen O’Pry

Manager of Commercial Account Management, Clari


Implementation and Adoption: A Seamless Transition

Clari’s sales engineers worked closely with Saleo’s professional services team to build out a robust demo environment that accurately reflected their platform’s capabilities. Throughout the onboarding process, Saleo provided comprehensive training and support to the Clari team. 


Results: Increased Efficiency and Impactful Demos

With the integration of Saleo, Clari saw immediate improvements in their demo process that impacted multiple teams from sales engineering, sales, and product management. 


Sales Engineering: Massive Time Savings

Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Before Saleo, if I had to build three new dashboards, it would have taken me 30-45 hours. Now, I can do it in an hour.

Sales Engineering: Flexibility to Navigate Product Freely

Alex Portman

Lead Sales Engineer, Clari

In the past, we may have had visualizations and data on the screen, but it didn’t quite line up with our demo story. Saleo makes sure everything adds up and has given the SEs and AEs a lot more confidence to go with the flow of the conversation and not be afraid to click on things.

Sales: Increased Demo Confidence and Accelerated Onboarding

Jen O’Pry

Manager of Commercial Account Management, Clari

Saleo has helped increase confidence among new hires on my team and streamline the demo process. Typically, it takes about three to six months before a new hire is comfortable with demoing. But with Saleo, our reps are ramped up to demo in less than three months. The consistency and reliability of data in our demos has been a game-changer.

Product Management: More Time for Building Product

Will Patterson

Head of New Product Integration, Clari

We were spending a lot of time building demos and not building our actual product. For every new product feature we shipped, we had to pay a “demo tax” – investing a certain amount of hours to make sure features were going to show up the way we wanted them to in the demo. Now, with Saleo, our engineering teams can stay focused on shipping product.


Clari’s use of Saleo highlights the power and benefits of using real, dynamic data, in your live product to create sales demos. Clari’s shift to using Saleo not only streamlined their demo processes by reducing dependency on engineering, but also enhanced their sales team confidence and ability to deliver personalized, effective demos. As Clari continues to leverage Saleo’s features, they will be well-equipped to provide impactful demos that resonate with customers and foster business growth.