We Help Software Companies Create Fantastic Demos That Win More Customers

As a team of veteran SaaS leaders, with a passion for product management, sales and marketing, Saleo’s demo tool exists to help software companies create incredible product demos to create more pipeline, closed-won deals, and happy customers.

Our Purpose

We firmly believe that all software, no matter the maturity, deserves to be presented in its best light. We also believe that software sales and revenue teams deserve a powerful and consistent demo experience, without the challenges of bad data, hours of repetitive preparation, and irrelevant demo environments.

Our Platform Solves a Problem We Struggled With for 16 Years:

With over 30 years of combined SaaS experience and a collective 9 software companies, our founders have struggled with this very problem at every company. Bad demo data, poor demo experience, lack of personalization, and hours of manual effort to prepare the best demo. We believe sales can do better and products deserve better. We intend to help.


Justin McDonald

Co-Founder & CEO

Justin brings more than 17 years of SaaS experience in both start-up and high growth stage organizations. Before co-founding Saleo, Justin was the CEO of RambleChat, the SVP, GM of Conversational Marketing and the GM of Channel Applications at Terminus.

Daniel Hellerman

Co-Founder & CPO

Dan has more than 11 years of experience leading product and marketing teams. Before co-founding Saleo, Dan was the VP Media Strategy & Architecture and led the advertising product at Terminus, Head of Marketing at Cloudreach, and led Digital Marketing at SevOne.

Alexey Svetliakov

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Alexey has more than 14 years experience as a full-stack engineer and software architect. He has led the software development lifecycle at companies such as Terminus, RambleChat, & Teledini.

We’re Backed by the Category Leaders in Sales & Marketing:

Jon Hallett

Kyle Porter

Tim Kopp

Rob Forman

John Hanger

Eric Spett

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