11 Best SaaS Tools for Increasing Sales

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Ready to increase your sales results? You need to use the right tools to help you do it. 

Finding the best SaaS tool for increasing sales can be tricky, as there are so many different sales tools available. Some platforms provide an all-in-one solution, while others focus on specific areas of the sales process. 

With sales cycles and customer buying habits always changing, how do you know which sales software you need?

We’ll explore it all in the guide below, outlining the most important sales tools for SaaS businesses. 

What are SaaS Sales Tools?

SaaS (Software as a Service) sales tools are platforms specifically designed to help businesses and sales teams streamline and optimize their sales processes. 

These tools are used to enhance various aspects of the sales cycle. As SaaS sales cycles can be pretty complicated, with many different stages, a wide variety of sales tools exist. Sales teams and leaders must understand the full potential of these tools, and use the right platforms for each process and step in their sales cycle to help make the most of each opportunity.

SaaS sales tools are crucial for modern businesses aiming to improve their efficiency, productivity, and overall sales performance. If you want to remain competitive in the fast-paced SaaS sales landscape, then using the right tools is essential.

Best SaaS Tools for Increasing Sales

To boost sales, SaaS tools are essential. However, with so many different SaaS sales tools out there, how do you know which ones you ended to enhance your sales process?

Let’s explore some of the best SaaS tools for increasing sales. These tools are important for any kind of SaaS business looking to streamline its sales process and acquire more customers. 

  1. Video Demos

When it comes to the SaaS sales process, your product demo is arguably the most important step.

For most B2B SaaS businesses, demo close rates site between 20% to 50%. Mastering the product demo is a vital step in convincing leads about the value of your product and closing the deal. To do this, you’ll need to make sure that you use the right tools to make your video demos convincing. 

You get two main types of SaaS product demos – live ones and pre-recorded video demos. 

Pre-recorded video demos are convenient, as you can simply embed them on your website and send them to prospects at the right stage of their journey. This saves you time and effort. However, these video demos are not personalized which impacts their effect. 

Hosting live sales demos is the most effective. And, if you’re going to maximize your SaaS sales demo environment, then you need to offer as much personalization as possible. This involves gearing the demo toward your specific prospect and using relevant data, stats, and use cases that they can relate to.

This is why using a live demo experience platform, like Saleo, is key to making your live demos more engaging. 

  1. CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is crucial for managing leads, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. No matter what your sales process looks like or what kind of SaaS solution your team has, they have to have software that lets them monitor user behavior from social media and track analytics related to social media channels. 

  1. Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimizing your sales funnel is critical for increasing conversion rates. SaaS tools in this category offer A/B testing, funnel analysis, and optimization suggestions.

Every good SaaS sales team needs a solid sales pipeline tool to optimize its processes. This should involve a platform that provides insights into each stage of the sales process, pinpoints where leads are in their buying journey, and helps to predict revenue forecasts.

  1. E-Signature and Document Management

Closing deals often involve paperwork. E-signature and document management tools simplify this process, making it easier for customers to sign contracts and agreements.

Sales teams will want these tools to be integrated with all of their other sales platforms to make any document management a smoother process. 


Having the right sales tools in place is essential for selling software. The tools listed above should cover all of your sales bases, helping you deliver a streamlined, effective sales process. 

Perfecting your demos is possibly the most important part of any SaaS sales cycle. Book a demo with Saleo if you’re interested in delivering the ultimate live demo experience. If you’re selling, you need to have a good CRM in place to ensure your process is properly optimized.

CRM platforms provide a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers, helping you tailor your sales approach to each prospect. You can use your CRM to understand your prospect’s historical behavior, preferences, and details. This allows you to tailor outreach and sales processes to each prospect to maximize each opportunity. 

Many other SaaS sales tools, like your email software and sales demo platform, use data from your CRM to function. So, a good CRM is a foundational tool in any successful sales process. 

  1. Email Marketing Automation

When looking at the best SaaS tools for increasing sales, email software is vital. 

Automated email marketing tools allow you to send personalized messages at scale. Features like drip campaigns, A/B testing, and tracking can significantly boost your email conversion rates.

Whether you’re focused on outbound or inbound sales strategies, email is generally the most important communication channel. It allows you to stay in contact with prospects directly and guide them through the sales process strategically. 

There are many different email solutions out there that can support automation and sales processes. The best choice for SaaS businesses should be a sales-specific email platform that is designed specifically for sales outreach sequences and automation. These solutions include a greater range of features for enhancing the sales process. 

  1. Sales Enablement Tools

This is a pretty broad category, as sales enablement can include many different processes and tools. 

Sales enablement tools provide your sales team with the resources they need to sell effectively. This can include content management, sales collateral, and training resources. Quite simply, you need to have a solid sales enablement process in place to ensure your sales team is fully equipped to close deals. 

Understand the full spectrum of sales enablement tools available and use the right solutions that align with your organization’s specific sales enablement needs. 

  1. Lead Generation Platforms

SaaS sales processes cannot work without getting lead generation right first. You need leads in place before you can sell to anyone. This is why having good lead generation software is essential to any good SaaS sales process. 

Effective lead generation is a cornerstone of software sales success. These tools help you find and capture leads, often using AI-driven algorithms to identify potential customers.

There are many different types of lead generation solutions available. Typically, these work with your website, helping you turn traffic into leads. The solutions should also integrate with your CRM and email marketing software to help you provide leads with tailored sales experiences. 

  1. Sales Analytics and Reporting

Understanding your sales data is crucial for making informed decisions. SaaS tools for sales analytics and reporting provide insights into your pipeline, conversion rates, and sales trends.

Every stage of your sales journey should be guided by the right sales metrics and KPIs. To make use of these metrics, you need to use software that provides the right insights. 

Any good SaaS solution should provide detailed insights and reports. However, you can also look for specific sales analytics tools to incorporate into your tech stack. Without the right insights, your sales process won’t have the guidance it needs. 

  1. Chatbots and Live Chat

Live chat and chatbots engage website visitors in real-time, answering questions and guiding them through the sales process. This can significantly improve conversion rates.

These are some of the best SaaS tools for increasing sales, as they’re easy to apply to your business and can save enormous amounts of time. This is especially true for smaller sales teams. 

You can also use chatbots to assist with lead generation, making them valuable tools for engaging and generating new prospects. 

  1. Sales Outreach and Engagement

SaaS tools for sales outreach and engagement can automate outreach through various channels, such as email, social media, and phone calls. These tools often include features like sequences and templates.

Most SaaS businesses incorporate some form of outreach into their sales process. You must use tools designed specifically for this process to help your outreach efforts pay off. These tools should work closely with your CRM to help you understand the data behind each prospect and deliver personalized outreach campaigns. 

  1. Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful tool for software sales, and SaaS platforms help manage your social presence, schedule posts, and analyze performance.

While social media may not be a major driver of SaaS sales, it is essential for generating brand awareness and initiating top-of-funnel sales content and lead generation. This is why it’s so important for SaaS sale

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